Without limting our comfort we can`t change the system.

Andrei Nicolescu, Founder

So one of our founders decided to go by bike every day his 50km route to school until the TeamTrees campaign will get accomplished. Livestream embed under development.

Update: On December the 19th the TeamTrees campaign reached its goal of 20 million dollars, and they claimed to have all the trees planted in 2 years. We have still not received any answer to our emails, but we will keep them on our watchlist.

Till that day I drove almost every day (the only exception were stormy and snowy days) with my 6-year-old bike in between 40 and 51 km per day (it depended on the route I took which was depending on the traffic).

In total, I drove slightly under 900 km, which has saved up approximately 19589 kg of CO2, and that would be the equivalent of around 926 trees. Nevertheless, I am happy this ended as it started exploiting my body. For now, I am fine doing the way by train.

YouGreen Founder

As we generally like the idea of ​​20 million planted trees, we are happy to support this project. However, we are a little sceptical about the lack of information from TeamTree and the Arbor Day Foundation. On their platforms, it is described as:

For every dollar you donate, one tree will be planted in a forest of \
high need around the globe. It’ s that simple!

But there is much more behind it. Depending on the location, tree species and other conditions, the prices for trees vary exceptionally strongly. We also work with our Partner Tree-Nation, which represents Europe’s leading tree organization, and one can plant ten times that amount on trees for $ 20 million. Of course, the more is invested per tree, the more it can influence the biodiversity and the intensity of the final result. To make sure that all TeamTrees’ donations go to their intended destination, TeamTrees has already requested full documentation on the distribution of funds, trees and labour, but so far we have not received a response.

However, as the organization is likely to have a veritable rush of emails and requests, we can understand that for granted and assume that we will have one more answer and the documentation for review by our partners and experts.

Until then, however, we find the project very praiseworthy and only want to point out that planting trees in no way compensates/justifies all our other environmentally harmful activities.

There is no change without people willing to abandon their comforts.

Written by Andrei Nicolescu

Founder of YouGreen. Working with my team every day on a better future, without them our organisation would not exist. Contact mail: andrei@yougreen.at

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