Our projects consisted till now predominantly in organising local events and debates. That motivated us to start this non-profit organisation and go beyond the local events to spread important messages. We have many ideas on how to tackle it, but not enough human and financial resources yet to work and establish all of them. Our primary goal will always stay to inform people, as only an excellent informed society can act the right way.

For now, we are still developing our major international projects. Besides striving to promote projects of other NPOs that meet our criteria, we also started doing projects out of our own ideas.

Ongoing projects:

Coronavirus research

We are currently trying to team up with some research facilities to help them raise resources and spread critical information in order to stop the pandemic outbreak. The campaign name will be EndRisk and will be hosted on the website EndRisk.com, which was registered in 1996 and has a great past. In case the experts accept our offer we will put this on priority no. 1 and we will make whatever they won’t go viral together with our team.

Project YourUsed

Selling and buying used goods is both good for the environment and your wallet. There are already many second-hand online platforms, but we were missing a completely free international marketplace with auctions. We also want to keep it clean of paid publicity and product placements. It should get independent, free, and ad-free. A volunteering developer from our team has already started with the website, and we are currently testing it on possible errors. We want to subvention it by independent donors, which will not get promoted in any way upon donation. YourUsed Beta marketplace: YourUsed.com

The initial project of YouGreen, CO2 compensation:

Our first idea that let us start our online presence was a CO2 compensation framework, but not only for flights and bus drives as they do already exist, but one for literally everything you can buy. We are currently working on a partnership with Zalando for embedding an option at the checkout which will allow users to compensate their purchase for an additional 5-10% of its price. The revenue will get invested in non-profit environmental projects of our partners, which will, of course, be supervised by independent volunteers to guarantee that they comply with our ethic and non-profit guidelines. It should contribute towards our primary goal, raising awareness, and also get consumers ready to the rising taxes in the case of abolition of fossil fuels. Last but not least, it will also contribute to our fight against climate change in the wrong direction, even though the best alternative will always stay not to consume.